The Brussels Brontë Group is doing its own research into various areas related to the Brontës’ time in Brussels. Click on the links below to access research articles, all of which have been previously published on our blog.

This page is a work in progress.


Astoria Hotel (Cluysenaar) – in relation to the Wheelwright Family


Discoveries at BOZAR
Lost Brontë manuscript discovered in Belgian museum
Charlotte Brontë’s French in ‘L’Ingratitude’


Cemetery excursion
Cemeteries: Martha Taylor, Julia Wheelwright  Paying homage to Martha and Julia


Football and the Brussels Brontë story


Heger Family
Demolition of house in which M Heger died

Rue Montoyer, Photograph of house
Rue Ducale 13, house where Zoe Parent died
Two Constantins – Constantin Heger and Constantin Meunier
Louise Heger exhibition and lecture at Museum M in Leuven
Frederika Macdonald’s Secret of Charlotte Brontë
More adventures in NYS. Two Frederika Macdonald letters in Syracuse
Mrs Chadwick online and other research news
Bronte Brussels past historians. Joseph Joshua Green (Wheelwright family)


Isabella Quarter
Discoveries at BOZAR
New picture of Isabella Quarter
More internet Rue d’Isabelle postcards
A 100 years ago: the Pensionnat demolished
A virtual walk through the Isabella Quarter
Exhibition on Brussels Royal Quarter at the BELvue Museum


Jane Eyre on the Brussels stage, 1855
The Jenkinses house in Ixelles
Brussels, Bronte, Jenkins: My great-great-grandparents Rev. Evan and Eliza Jenkins


The Literary World in 1853


Mary Taylor in Wellington
Rue Terarken, cobblestones