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Welcome to the website of the Brussels Brontë Group

The Brussels Brontë Group was formed by Brontë Society members in Belgium 
and the Netherlands to bring together people interested in the Brontës and in the Brussels places with Brontë associations. Our members now include people of various countries and nationalities: British, Belgian, Dutch, French, German and others. We welcome anyone in any country who is interested in the works and lives of the Brontës and would like to know more about the history of the Pensionnat Heger (the school where Charlotte and Emily Brontë stayed in 1842-43 and which inspired Villette and The Professor), the Quartier Isabelle where it stood, and the city of Brussels in the 19th century. 
This website provides information on these;  on the other pages you can read more about the Brontës' stay in Brussels, discover some wonderful images on our Picture Gallery page and check out the Bibliography and Links page if you want to explore further.

The Group organises meetings and events in Brussels such as talks and guided walks. We also run a reading group. You can find more information on all these on our Events page.  

Go to our EVENTS page for the latest news on forthcoming events! Check out our yearly annual Brontë weekend in April, which will be very interesting. Everyone is welcome!

We have also set up a Blog through which members can keep in touch; check it out too for coverage of events, interesting articles and the latest news.  Simply click on the link.
Also,  a new Research page has been opened recently, with many inside articles, for those interested in more historical background information.

Go to the next page to find out more about our group, and to the Members page to find out what attracted people to join it.

We hope you enjoy exploring the website.

Charlotte's trincket box
Brussels trinket box.

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